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Coava Coffee Roasters // David Mancia Honduras

Honduras—a region not historically known for exquisite, high-scoring specialty coffees. However, over the past year and a half or so, that has been slowly changing. Truly exceptional Honduran coffees haven’t been flooding the market, necessarily, but, every now and then, a few will slowly sneak in there. Here at the Table, Honduras has experienced very little representation and the …Continue Reading

Augie’s Coffee Roasters // Costa Rica Cerro Paldo

We’re finishing off July MistoBox Week today, and what a week it’s been! And this particular week was made even more special by the fact that social media and illustration coffee celebrewty Ben Blake custom-curated July’s Box. And up to this point, with choices like Coava, Case, and Entimos, Mr. Blake made some really fantastic choices. The fourth and final roaster whose product he selected for this Box comes from our mutual friends at Augie’s—a company that’s had some incredible representation at the Table already this year…Continue Reading