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Vine or Instagram for Business?

Since Instagram released video a few days ago companies I work with have been asking me, “Should we use Vine or Instagram for video?” I think for most businesses the answer to this question is, “BOTH”. Visual Media Consumption This answer may be troubling to you because it means another platform that you have to manage which means more time and money spent in yet another social media space. Yet what it really means…Continue Reading

Instagram Video: 3 Things I Would Change

Instagram released video today. The response I have received from my Vine followers has been a mixed bag. Many people are convinced that Instagram is copying Vine and should stick to photos while other are really excited about the change. That debate will continue to rage on and these next few weeks and will give us a more clear indication of how this change will impact both Instagram and Vine. Though I have my own prediction or opinion, in this article I won’t be focusing on that debate but rather what changes Instagram should make to their video for …Continue Reading