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Angels & Airwaves Guitarist, David Kennedy Starts Own Coffee Company

The guitarist of one of my favorite bands, Angels & Airwaves has started his own coffee company. In the past I partnered with Drew of Corner of the Cafe to test out some celebrity coffees. It wasn’t all good, so when I heard about David Kennedy’s coffee company, James Coffee Co, I was a little hesitant. Though, after watching the video below I’m quite curious to grab some coffee to check out. James Coffee Co. “Venture” from James Coffee Co. on Vimeo. They have a…Continue Reading

An Unintentional Hiatus

Hi guys! I know it has been a good month now since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been on an unintentional hiatus here. Let me go back a bit and explain… Back in March the site was due to be renewed. I thought long and hard about shutting the site down because quite frankly I have lost interest in constantly posting coffee reviews. I have lost sight…Continue Reading

Currently Enjoying: Slingshot Coffee Co. Summer Seasonal Cold Brew

Currently Enjoying: Slingshot Coffee Co. Summer Seasonal Cold Brew

Last year I enjoyed some really great cold brews from various companies, but I think the new Summer Seasonal from Slingshot Coffee Co. is probably my favorite over all. A little background: Slingshot Cold Brew Summer seasonal is a washed Ethiopian from Yirgacheffe in southwest Ethiopia. This coffee’s formal name, Idido, is the name of the washing station and cooperative from where this coffee comes. Unlike the traditional methods of drying coffee in the cherry, this coffee is washed clean before being sun-dried on raised beds. Ethiopian coffees tend to boast clean, fruity and …Continue Reading